Home Purchase Planning Guide


Prospective buyers of Quechee homes or land can choose homesites close to the village of Quechee, the Quechee Clubgolf and ski venues, Lake Pinneo, or in a more remote location. All property owners in Quechee Lakes become members of the Quechee Lakes Landowners' Association upon the purchase of land or a Quechee new home/townhome. The 1,400 member association is responsible for managing, regulating and maintaining the vast amounts of common land and amenities within Quechee Lakes including the Quechee Club.

The Quechee Lakes Sales and Development Team provides a seamless way to build a Quechee new home, or purchase an existing townhouse or home. We maintain close, working relationships with Vermont's most respected and reliable builders that specialize in a wide range of home-styles. Our services cover everything from helping you find Quechee land for sale to on-site management of Quechee home construction activities. If you are considering buying Quechee land please consult us to learn more about the process of buying land in Quechee.

Working Together

Whether you need help finding a finished Quechee Home, a complete model Quechee Home, a model Quechee Home that is still being built or the perfect site to custom-build your dream getaway, the Quechee Lakes Sales and Development Team can guide you through every phase of the purchase, Quechee home construction, and move-in process.

We will prove to you that the process of finding Quechee Homes for sale and moving-in can be a seamless experience. Our team can help with site selection, builder selection, reviewing architectural blue prints, refining plans to suit personal preferences, and reviewing and recommending fixtures, appliances, flooring, finishing materials, and other final touches.

Throughout the Quechee Home construction or remodeling process, our team will keep you abreast of the latest developments so you won't have to keep driving or flying to Quechee Lakes to see how things are progressing. We are deeply committed to your satisfaction. And once you become a Quechee Lakes homeowner, we'll be there to help take care of your Quechee Homes and protect your investment year-in and year-out.

The Quechee Lakes Company builds a limited number of Quechee Homes for sale each year, ensuring that Quechee new home residences are at a premium. With so many people looking for a less hectic lifestyle away from major cities, more and more people the world over are discovering that Quechee land is an ideal place for a second home, vacation home and even a primary residence.